Ellis Brigham Spring shoot

The Spring summer catalogue that I shot last Sept has just come out in the shops so I’m free now to share some of the images and the story behind the shoot. I was on my way back from NZ in July when I got an email from Mark Brigham asking me if I’d be […]

La Palma

Back at the tail end of last year , I had just about enough of the cold dark days of the UK and Sarah and I decided to head for sunnier climes . Just after Christmas, as would be expected flight prices were expensive so we found something not too costly and headed for the […]

Roundup of 2016

Its that time of year again , time to look back , assess, make plans , set intention for a new year. I actually enjoy the process of looking back , but of the top of my head I was struggling to think if I had taken any images that I was happy with till […]

Workshop in Adventure Photography

I had the pleasure of running the first Adventure Photography workshop at Glenmore Lodge at the end of Oct. This was something that myself and the team at the Lodge had talked about over 4 years ago and its taken a while to actually get around to organising it. I was really pleased that it […]

Glenmore Lodge shoot

Earlier in the summer I was back in Scotland shooting for Glenmore Lodge , the plan had been to shoot the West Coast Classic Rock course, as luck would have it , the week we had booked to be there , the West coast was just pouring so , local knowledge and getting as far […]

New Zealand travels 1

New Zealand has been a dream for me for many years , shortly after graduating from Glasgow my intention had been to move to NZ but for various reasons its taken me 30 years to finally get here. The flights and timezone travels are a bummer and it took me 5 days to get into […]

Naomi Buys

A few weeks ago I spent some time with Jordan and Naomi Buys , 2 friends that I’ve known through various photoshoots over the years and also 2 of the countries top climbers, the fact that they’re a handsome couple and very easy to photograph makes it a very easy job to shoot with them. […]

Ski Touring Ecrins

Just got back from a ski touring trip to the beautiful Ecrins region of the French S Alps. Its a place I’ve visited many times before in winter for ice climbing and in the summer for rock climbing and white water paddling. It has some of the best paddling in France and seemingly rock everywhere […]

Free running and parkour shoot

A few weeks ago , Elinchrom contacted me to ask if I’d be happy to be filmed during one of my photoshoots , in order to feature the advantages of using the new EL Skyport HS trigger. Now, I’m happy being filmed and talking to camera, it doesn’t really bother me so was happy to […]

2015 round up

Well, here we are , the beginning of a New year , a time to look back and look forward. Normally a year whizzes by for me , but 2015 lasted a lifetime and was certainly an intense time and not one I’d want to revisit again any time soon. But apart from personal stuff […]